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2023 Backyard Project

Last year, our backyard patio needed to be replaced for safety reasons. Other than for a few benches, picnic tables, and vegetable beds, the space has not been too inviting. We hope this year's landscaping will change that!

Progress Made to Date

West Side
  • Removal of rotting crab tree

  • Concrete patio addition

  • Ground leveled and prepped

  • Memorial benches repositioned

North Side
  • Old garden beds removed (to be reused by community garden)

  • New paver garden beds

  • Paver benches and fountain

  • Memorial pavers repositioned

Projects to Complete

West Side
  • Installation of a pergola

  • Mounting of chimes and xylophone

  • Pondless fountain

  • Electrical wiring for pergola lighting and water feature.

North Side
  • Installation of a gazebo

  • Decorative rock for garden space

  • Reseed exterior grass around garden beds

  • Electrical wiring for the gazebo and fountain

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