Welcome to Summer Read 2021!

This page will be where you can register online and after June 14th, where you'll register for our events. We'll be sending out emails each week to notify everyone of our upcoming Summer Read events and will include a link to this page for you to sign up. We'll only have 12 spots available for  our programs, so be sure you register soon!

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Reading Colors your world!

Welcome to Summer Read 2021!

This summer we’ll have lots of fun activities, prizes, and a big end of Summer Read party! Our theme this year is looking at all the different cultures around the world. We'll be traveling from Mongolia to Mexico to France and more through movies, crafts and art.

We'll also be giving out prizes and rewards to our readers! The first way is through our Friday Check Ins. The second is through our end of Summer Read party, where we'll also have water fun and ice cream!

Here's what will be happening...

Friday Check Ins

If you're registering online, you'll need to drop by soon to pick up your log sheets. Each week of Summer Read, bring back your log sheets for books, minutes you’ve read, or events you've participated in during the Summer Read program. You'll earn a small prize for bringing your log back and for your reading.


At the end of Summer Read we'll tally how much each person has read and the highest readers will win a prize in each age group:

3-5 (number of books read)

6-9 (minutes read)

10-12 (minutes read)

13+ (minutes read)

Our Calendar

Annotation 2021-06-05 143510.png
Annotation 2021-06-05 143510.png


Below is where we'll post our events to register to. Each week we'll send out emails to this page, and you'll have one week to register for them.

For this week, our first event is ready for registration now!

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