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What Our Readers Say...

See what others have been reading and sharing!

4/5 Good book - best for entertainment.

5/5 Everyone should read this book!

4/5 No comments.

3/5 Fair book.

5/5 Really enjoying this series!

4/5 Gutwrenching & heavy

Dragon Ball Z

5/5 "you can't control a saiyn pried"

4/5 No comments.

4/5 Fitting ending to the series. Sad to see it go but looking forward to the television series.

5/5 I enjoyed the book. It was funny!

3/5 No comments.

5/5 "The Lord is gracious and full of mercy."

5/5 "Fish don't use blankets, not ever." A good read with a twist in every page!

5/5 "there's always a person for every book. And a book for every person."

5/5 All Amish books have Scripture which makes me think.

4/5 I learned a lot about how cemetaries came to be.

5/5 A nice easy summer read.

3/5 Very YA, high school basked rock star romance.

5/5 "Look harder. It's worth it." A quick good read.

5/5 Quick, easy read.

3/5 Interesting historical details peppered in.

5/5 No comments.

4/5 So many areas descend on the Colorado river.

Mark from the Bible

5/5 No comments.

5/5 "I'll protect my school with a smile"

5/5 "no peace for the weary" suspensful

5/5 "what the heck did you have for breakfast, Honey Bunches of B---h?"

5/5 Couldn't put it down.

5/5 Very good book and even better series.

3/5 Very spicy take on peter pan with interesting world building.

5/5 "love didn't make you weak, it made you stronger than anyone I'd ever met"

5/5 "it's actually lovely hearing a compliment from a man."

4/5 It was a cute love story.

5/5 "Some people are willfully ignorant. They aren't stupid they simply choose to be oblivous."

4/5 There was an unexpected twist. Not her best book.

5/5 I enjoy the guide post books because they reflect faith in god and are clean

5/5  great book series

5/5 "decide a lot to decide'

5/5 Great historical information.

2.5/5 social satire, 4th wall drawings

5/5 Definitely my fave cassandra clare book so far.

5/5 Always enjoy reading all of ben coes novels protecting the U.S.

4/5 Tells how people can help others with their troubles and trust in God.

5/5 "Do not open your heart to evil… if you do it will come for you!!"

5/5 insightful and delightful

The Lightkeeper's Daughters

3/5 No comment.

5/5 No comment.

3/5 'The more you love someone the more dangerous to you they become."

4/5 No comment.

4/5 "that's the way it is"

The Book of Mark

5/5 No comments.

5/5 "best friends stick together"

History Lost and Found

4/5 Good clean read. Starts slow gets better as you go.

5/5 Not good or bad, just different.

4/5 the art of resistance with faith and creativity

5/5 Excited to read the rest of the series.

4/5 "We never grow if we don't attempt something bigger and more challenging then we've already achieved."

4/5 Very Interesting

5/5 My first Amish book. I really enjoyed it!

4/5 "You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."

5/5 Easy enjoyable read.

3/5 A little unrealistic and over the top but still a quick, easy, sweet, romance. Small town, interconnected characters.

5/5 Good to read about smart, active senior adults.

5/5 "You have the right to feel that."

4/5 "love has nothing to do with whar you are expecting to get- only with what you are expecting to give- which is everything"

4/5 This is the last book in this series. Good mystery.

Book of Matthew (Bible)

5/5 No comments.

4.5/5 "All I know is that I'm here. And im alive. And I'm not alone."

5/5 "My path brings me peace."

5/5 "I got distracted, not everyday a gorgeous man ask for my number."

5/5 Cozy mystery that has a good laugh.

3.5/5 habit stacking, obvios, attractive, easy, satisfying

The Cabinet of Dr. Leng

5/5 "Get pendergast! Get perndergast!" continuing the ending until next book comes out

2/5 Not really worth quoting. :(

5/5 "when you love someone you don't have a choice- love takes your choices away."

5/5 Good western story.

5/5 It's a good book, or manga I should say!

5/5 Very good!

4/5 fictional romance, set in the early 1800s England/London

5/5 A lot of history from 1869. Good book.

3.5/5 really unique writing style; concise; must read slowly and catch everything

4/5 !t was a bit predictable.

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