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Dates / Hours of Operation

The library will be open as the Hours of Operation specify, excluding the following dates and holidays.

Tuesday 7/3/2018
Wednesday 7/4/2018
Wednesday 11/21/2018
Thursday 11/22/2018
Friday 11/23/2018
Saturday 11/24/2018
Saturday 12/22/2018
Tuesday 12/25/2018
Wednesday 12/26/2018
Thursday 12/27/2018
Friday 12/28/2018
Saturday 12/28/2018
Tuesday 1/1/2019
Wednesday 1/2/2018/27/2018

Hours of Operation


TUESDAY 9am to 6pm

WEDNESDAY 9am to 6pm

THURSDAY 9am to 6pm

FRIDAY 9am to 3pm

SATURDAY 9am to 1pm


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